Top 5 Free Facebook Marketing Tools For Your Businesses

Top 5 Free Facebook Marketing Tools For Your Businesses

With over 1.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook needs no introduction. And if you haven’t already started your marketing initiative on this platform, then what are you waiting for?

Now you might say that you are facing some barriers while running your Facebook marketing campaigns. Some might say they don’t know what changes to make to increase their Facebook post reach. And others might have the knowledge but don’t have time and resources to implement it.

Luckily there is a bunch of Facebook marketing tools available widely and surely it makes our lives easier, saves a lot of time and the right tool can deliver better results.

In this post, I will share 5 FREE Facebook marketing tools you can use for your business. So, let’s dive in:

#1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Facebook Marketing Tool

Hootsuite is a multi-platform social media management tool which covers almost every major social media networks for free. For Facebook pages (business) you can monitor engagement in your posts or events. You can also schedule posts for you business page via Hootsuite even private messages, and unpublished posts or dark posts for Facebook ads. You can also monitor posts related to your page made by your fans or others on their own timeline.

Now talking about publishing, you can schedule posts, reply to your fans queries on the posts you have made on your timeline. Hootsuite also allows you to comment on other page posts as your page.

#2. Buffer

Buffer Facebook Marketing Tool

Buffer is another incredible platform which lets you manage major social media pages and personal accounts from a single place for free. The best thing I like about Buffer that it is very easy to use. It also allows you to schedule posts and the best part is it automatically shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day. It also comes with another built-in tool called Pablo which enables you to create stunning images to share on your page.

Buffer also has browser extensions and app for Android and iOS to make like easier. It is a great tool for small enterprises and bloggers would benefit from a comprehensive Facebook marketing tool.

#3. LikeAlyzer

LikeAlyzer Facebook Marketing Tool

LikeAlyzer is a free Facebook page analytics tool which gives you a detailed information and analysis of any Facebook page. It helps you to monitor, compare and evaluate your Facebook page activity. LikeAlyzer gives you an overall performance score, as well as the median scores of the competition regarding content publishing rates.It shows you exactly how many likes your page has scored, as well as the percentage at which your Facebook likes are growing.

LikeAlyzer also shows you engagement statistics as well as a detailed report of identified issues, tips on how to fix issues, and much more. This free tool is very useful for anyone looking for a quick insight into their Facebook performance in no time.

#4. Compass

Compass Facebook Marketing Tool

Until unless you are an experienced Facebook advertiser, you might find it hard to understand what’s going right/wrong with your Facebook ad campaign. But there is something that can help you.

Compass is a free tool by AdEspresso. It analyzes your Facebook ad campaigns and generates a report about what’s working and what’s not. It helps you to understand the key metrics of your campaign. You can compare side by side gender, location, placement, devices to figure out what’s giving you the maximum ROI.

#5. Timeline Contest

Timeline Contest Facebook Marketing Tool

If you are planning to launch a Facebook content then this one will turn out to be you best buddy.

Timeline Contest is a free tool by Agora Pulse. It helps you to run contests on your Facebook Timeline such as sweepstakes, quizzes, and photo contests.  It can randomly pick among the fans who have liked/commented on a post. You can also run a quiz content and this tool will pick your winner from the comments with correct answers. And if you are thinking about a photo contest you can ask your fans to comment along with photos and this tool will pick the winner from the comments with most likes.

#6 Fanpage Karma (Bonus)

Fanpage Karma Facebook Marketing Tool

Fanpage Karma will is another free Facebook analytics tool which will help you to analyze your competitors Facebook pages. It will give you a visual breakdown of Facebook page engagement, growth, top posts, the frequency of posting, post types, most-used content sources and much much more. I love the interface as it displays comparative charts and graphs and the visual assets always helps me to get an idea about my pages strengths and weaknesses.

You can dive into the content types, timing and keyword tools to get an idea and adjust your strategy accordingly.

If you are looking for some more amazing Facebook marketing tools then this handy infographic from Razorsocial will give you a couple more options (both free and paid).

Facebook marketing tools infographic


Getting used to with these Facebook marketing tools may not be super easy, but if you invest time and choose the right tools then, it will give you good results in the long run. And if you are a marketer working in an internet marketing agency then, then you will surely love these facebook tools.

Do you think these tools will impact your Facebook marketing efforts? Which tool did you like the most? What other tools do you use for your Facebook marketing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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